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The home you buy also builds a future for others

Your Legacy

BUYONE BUILDONE is our purpose. 

It connects everything we do with everything we believe about our ability —and responsibility— to care for those in need.

Jonathan Smith, Owner

Brush Arbor’s “why” is providing for families.

Our design/build business is how we provide for our own family. It’s how we enable our employees and business partners to provide for theirs.  It’s an honor to do this by providing custom homes that delight our buyers today, and enable them to pass on a legacy of special moments and memories to their families.

But the even bigger purpose is the nonprofit we founded: 

Buy One Build One
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For every Brush Arbor home our clients buy, we use our own profits to fund our nonprofit charity, BUYONE, BUILDONE. Because you buy a home from us, we can build a home—or a community center or clinic — to provide safe, well-constructed homes and services that change the lives of families living in the world’s poorest regions. 

The specific families and communities you’ve helped become an important part of the story only your Brush Arbor home can tell. You’ll learn about these people and how their lives change because of what you’ve made possible.

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