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What makes your experience so enjoyable

The Brush Arbor Process

“You’ll find we respect you, our employees and subcontractors as family. This relationship is genuine, and it lets us deliver beautifully crafted custom homes and an experience that’s enjoyable—for everyone.”

Jonathan Smith, Owner

Starting Out

We meet you wherever you’re starting out.

Come to us with house plans you have acquired from another Architect. Maybe you’ve seen house designs you particularly love or have inspirational boards. Or maybe you’re starting with nothing but desire for a custom home. Wherever you start with Brush Arbor, you’ll come away with more than a custom home: you’ll unlock the door to a home that is completely original and ideal for the life you lead.

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We assess the site your home will be planned around.

Brush Arbor’s expertise ensures your home will be planned around the best views, privacy and best use of the property. We work with the Architect and Structural Engineer, Civil and Soil Engineers in planning every detail to make sure your custom home is sited perfectly. Whether your project starts with undeveloped land or a teardown in an established neighborhood, our prep work lets you see exactly how your proposed home will look on the site


Both structure and aesthetics are planned simultaneously.

Our in-house design and construction teams collaborate with you and with each other. Your entire project is developed as a whole, so every aspect of your home works together to create a unified vision. The teams —and their plans— speak to each other, streamlining the process for you and enabling us to value-engineer every aspect of design and construction so we can identify small changes that can make a major difference in all we can achieve within your budget.

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We help you navigate construction loans and choose a lender.

To begin designing your home, Brush Arbor requires a design fee. We have several lenders that we can recommend, or you can secure your own financing. We help you understand how construction loans work, including how and when construction fees are paid. We have lenders we’ve worked with over the years who have solid processes in place to protect you from worries so you can enjoy watching your home take shape.  


Have a solid estimate before you sign.

We’ll help you establish a detailed budget that’s within your means, while also satisfying the goals and dreams you have in mind. We will not lure you into working with Brush Arbor with a low base price, only to sticker-shock you at the end by charging for items you assumed to be included.

When it’s time to execute the contract, our goal is that you and the design team will have up to 80% of your home’s specific selections made. This way, you know the actual specifications and finishes that will be part of your custom home — and we’ll have the specifics we need to present a solid budget. Our collaborative process minimizes any planning guesswork and improves the efficiency with permitting and supply-chain delays.

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Above industry standards and code … but not above your budget

When working with Brush Arbor, your custom home will already include what are considered premium upgrades to other builders. With the use of our construction management software, you and the Brush Arbor team will enjoy excellent communication and superior project management. Our experience is second to none, however unforeseen situations beyond our control are possible. What we can control is our response—and you can count on us to do everything possible to stay on schedule and make things right. 


Your Brush Arbor home brings another family home, too.