Paula’s Homecoming Story

Paula is a single mother who lives with her daughter Cindy, her brother and his family, and her bedridden mother in a small, two-room house. Paula’s brother works hard to support his family as well as Paula and their mother. He has to work several jobs in order to make enough money to provide for everybody.

Although Paula has to stay home to care for her daughter and mother, she does her part. She has a small and humble sales booth in her house, selling eggs and makeup. She doesn’t want to be a burden on her brother, but more than anything, she wants to provide for Cindy and set a good example. Our blessing of a new house will help Paula in a great way. She now has a place to call home, where Cindy can grow up in a safe environment.

Her new house includes a concrete floor, a set of bunk beds, a fuel-efficient wood stove, a water filter for clean drinking water, and a solar panel. The house also features an extended roof, where Paula will be able to have her kitchen. Paula’s house comes as a free gift, just as Jesus offered salvation free to us.