Every home has a story. With Brush Arbor, it’s uniquely yours.

Award-Winning Custom Home Builder in the Capital Region

Welcome home to spaces created for who you are and what you love .


Ready for the fun of building your dream home? We’ll work with your architect or one of ours. Already have plans? Perfect! Or we can completely customize one of our existing home plans. We’ll translate all you want from your home and lot into a design plan, comprehensive budget, blueprints and incredibly well-managed construction experience. So you can relax and enjoy seeing your one-of-a-kind home come to life.


Like to move into your dream home now? Brush Arbor can offer you beautifully original homes that are already built and on the market or currently under construction.

Your Brush Arbor home brings another family home, too.

“Homebuyers are welcomed into the Brush Arbor family. We invest in you just as we do in our employees and subcontractors. Together, we invest in the future: when you buy your custom home, we use the proceeds to build another home—one for a family struggling in one of the poorest places on earth. Building this future becomes part of your own home’s story.” Jonathan Smith, Owner

"Our investment is in people first. That is a hard and fast rule pertaining to employees, subcontractors, customers, and even people around the world. Our success flows out of this principle which our reputation is built on." - Jonathan Smith, Owner

Brush Arbor cares about people first.

Brush Arbor cares about people first. So in this time of uncertainty we are doing our best to steadfastly support our employees, subcontractors, and customers in the safest and most effective way possible. In order to ensure the stability of our business for both our staff and clients, know we welcome communication in the days and weeks to come by:

Phone: 703-964-7080

Email: [email protected]