From Mud Hut to Safe Haven

BUYONE BUILDONE partnered with Far Reaching Ministries South Sudan based Wes and Vicki Bentley, pictured below. Together, BUYONE BUILDONE and Far Reaching Ministries were able to build a home for a woman whose husband was tragically killed while protecting an orphanage from gunmen attempting to kidnap children.This woman and her children were previously living in a small mud hut. Now, they will have a safe and well structured home. It is a privilege to give back in ways that make a difference. BUYONE BUILDONE is grateful to be a part of the life changing work of Far Reaching Ministries and pray that you too will be inspired to give back.

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Far Reaching Ministries: A Missions Partner

Far Reaching Ministries provides humanitarian resources relief to the poor and persecuted people in various nations throughout the world. It’s mission is to rescue and prevent the suffering and exploitation of vulnerable communities by assisting to rebuild lives after facing religious persecution, violence, ethnic cleansing, rape, abduction, torture, and humanitarian crises caused by civil war. Far Reaching Ministries serves the afflicted, the starving, those enslaved by human traffickers, the ill or dying by bringing aid for their physical needs, but most importantly, fulfilling their spiritual needs.