Dorcus Akullus: A Prayerful Widow 

Dorcus Akullu is a woman deeply rooted in prayer. Throughout her life journey, she has encountered numerous challenges, yet at 55 years old, her faith in the Lord has remained unwavering. Raised in a Christian household with Catholic influences, Dorcus’ strong beliefs have positioned her as a leader within her Langi Tribe and among the women in her community.

Residing on the border between Acholi and Langi in Uganda, Dorcus is the third child in her family and the only daughter. Despite being sent to school alongside her brothers, traditional norms prioritized her brothers’ education, leading Dorcus to halt her studies after elementary school.

During her teenage years, Dorcus married a primary school teacher and was blessed with five children. However, in 2016, her husband passed away, leaving her as the sole provider for her family. Coping with the loss of her husband and managing the financial burden of supporting her children’s education and housing was immensely challenging. Daily priorities became a struggle, compounded by her children’s academic difficulties and early marriages among her daughters.

Amidst these hardships, Dorcus turned to prayer for strength and guidance. The family lived in a grass thatch hut, which garnered attention as the worst-ranked dwelling in a household survey reported in the media. Despite this, Dorcus continued to pray fervently for a transformation in her living conditions.

With the support of the Fellowship Foundation team and BUYONE BUILDONE, Dorcus’ prayers were answered as plans for a new home materialized. Over the past year, Dorcus and her family have transitioned into their new abode, marking a significant transformation in their lives. Grateful for this answered prayer, Dorcus and her family now look forward to a brighter future filled with hope and stability.


Fellowship Foundation

Latigo, serving through the Fellowship Foundation, has faced numerous horrors from his upbringing. However, he has overcome them thanks to his unwavering faith in God and his deep-seated desire to care for others who have faced similar challenges. His compassion for widows and orphans has only grown stronger over time, making Latigo an invaluable partner. Not only does he help build housing, but he also shares his faith and love with those he serves.