A Call to Action: Standing Against Child Trafficking

Upon reading the newsletter from one of our partners, Far Reaching Ministries (FRM), a profound sense of sadness and urgency gripped our team. Collaborating with FRM on previous projects supporting widows in Sudan and Ukraine had acquainted us with the challenging and dangerous environments they navigate. The situation outlined in Central America, a country omitted for safety reasons, echoed the harsh realities faced elsewhere.

The newsletter painted a grim picture of hundreds, if not thousands, of children falling victim to trafficking, with a significant portion aged between 3 and 10 years old. What made this situation particularly troubling was that many of these rescued children had nowhere to turn, often sold into this abhorrent trade by their own families. The aftermath left them on the streets, enduring a life they should never have known, with some tragically returning to the very individuals who had betrayed them.

A visit to our partner in Central America revealed the profound trauma suffered by young girls aged 3 to 10. Conversations with the pastor and psychiatrist supporting these girls unveiled the unimaginable horrors they had endured at such tender ages. While the details are too distressing to recount here, suffice it to say that this experience surpassed any other encountered in developing countries.

The visible effects of poverty, including death and destruction, are heart-wrenching, but what we witnessed in Central America transcended mere poverty—it was an embodiment of pure evil. While statistics on child sex trafficking are readily available, they pale in comparison to looking into the eyes of a child ensnared in this nightmare. It’s a stark reminder of the overwhelming challenges faced in distant lands, where solutions often seem beyond reach.

However, amidst this darkness, organizations like BUYONE BUILDONE and Far Reaching Ministries (FRM) shine as beacons of hope. They work tirelessly to rescue children, mothers, and widows from the clutches of despair, offering a glimmer of light in the darkest of circumstances.

This cause has become deeply personal for our team, thanks to the unwavering support of individuals like you. Through your contributions, a new dormitory was constructed, providing sanctuary for approximately 50 more children. They are now experiencing genuine love and care, with hopes that this nurturing environment will guide them through the challenges ahead. This isn’t a fleeting effort but a steadfast commitment to accompany these children into adulthood, empowering them to channel their past pain into compassion for others in need.

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Far Reaching Ministries: A Missions Partner

Far Reaching Ministries provides humanitarian resources relief to the poor and persecuted people in various nations throughout the world. It’s mission is to rescue and prevent the suffering and exploitation of vulnerable communities by assisting to rebuild lives after facing religious persecution, violence, ethnic cleansing, rape, abduction, torture, and humanitarian crises caused by civil war. Far Reaching Ministries serves the afflicted, the starving, those enslaved by human traffickers, the ill or dying by bringing aid for their physical needs, but most importantly, fulfilling their spiritual needs.