A New Beginning: BUYONE BUILDONE Grants Adrian and His Family a Home

Adrian, his wife, Ciprian, and two kids, Gariela and Josue, lived in a Sunday School room at their church where he traded off a place to live for night watchman duties. They also care for both of their elderly parents. They are extremely poor and had no hope for a home. The church gave them notice that the room was no longer going to be available. They had saved up some money, but not anything near enough for a home.

They were desperate and then Buy One Build One built this beautiful home for them. They added their savings to the project to have a slightly nicer home.

Thanks to BUYONE BUILDONE, Adrian, his wife, Ciprian and family, will have a better future.


Ripe For Harvest: A Missions Partner

Founded in 1979, Ripe for Harvest is a network that empowers and equips over 200 leaders for Christian missions mobilization worldwide. These partners labor in diverse and unique contexts, each with a particular passion and calling to change lives by bringing hope and help to those in need. Through BUYONE BUILDONE, Brush Arbor Homes has invested in a home building outreach in Bolivia. Over 70% of the population in Bolivia lives in poverty. It is estimated that nearly half live on less than $2.00 a day. The team on the ground, led by my friend Joe Holman, shared with us an opportunity to help this precious family facing unprecedented hardship.