Building Dreams: Maria’s Journey to Stability with BUYONE BUILDONE

Maria, like so many Guatemalan women, learned at an early age to do whatever it takes to survive. Maria, found herself pregnant at an early age and married to a man who cared more about alcohol than he did his family. She went into survival mode when the only bread winner of the family disappeared one day, leaving her with a child to raise ALONE.

Maria’s only concern then and now is her son, Steven. Steven had to learn to live without a father. At the same time, he learned to do whatever it takes to survive in a very unforgiving world from his mother, Maria. Steven has learned to succeed in that world where the most needed thing is an education.

Maria would do anything to keep Steven in school. So while Steven attended classes or works online at a relative’s house, Maria scavages through the neighbor’s trash to find recyclable material that she can sell so they can eat.

Maria continues to find just enough recyclables to put food on the table, but her bigger dream was always to find a place where she and her son could live in peace. A place they could call home and better deal with life’s challenges in Guatemala.

Thanks to BUYONE BUILDONE, Maria and Steven now have that home and much less pressure in their lives.


Ripe For Harvest: A Missions Partner

Founded in 1979, Ripe for Harvest is a network that empowers and equips over 200 leaders for Christian missions mobilization worldwide. These partners labor in diverse and unique contexts, each with a particular passion and calling to change lives by bringing hope and help to those in need. Through BUYONE BUILDONE, Brush Arbor Homes has invested in a home building outreach in Bolivia. Over 70% of the population in Bolivia lives in poverty. It is estimated that nearly half live on less than $2.00 a day. The team on the ground, led by my friend Joe Holman, shared with us an opportunity to help this precious family facing unprecedented hardship.