Bridging Ashburn and Honduras: Building Homes for a Cause

Damaris Cerrato (36) is a single mother raising her two children, Angie( 11) and Stephany (3). She is also providing a home for her mother,Yolanda (55). Together they live in the Talanga Municipality of Honduras.

Damaris does what she can to provide forher children and mother. However, work opportunities are lacking severely. The opportunities that are available, are in the avenues of recycling plastic bottles and cans as well as washing and ironing clothes. This is all done within her neighborhood. This work can only provide food for the family and leaves little for anything else.

A desire and dream of Damaris’ was to build a house for her family. Over time this desire never diminished, but fell short of what she really was hoping to do. She is a driven woman, and with that drive to provide for her family, Damaris was able to build a small room built with recycled wood and an old tin roof on the side of a road.

Jonathan Rivas was alerted to this family’s needs from the pastors of “La Novia del Cordero Church” (The Bride of Lamb). Pastor Hector and Sonia Ryes have been friends with Jonathan for several years.Their hearts were very touched by this sweet woman doing everything she could to care and provide for her family.

Together with BUYONE BUILDONE’s funding, Carpenters for Christ was able to bring Damaris’ dream to life. Anew home build plan went into the works for her family. Her new home was on a piece of land that even overlooked the beautiful views with the sun shining.

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Carpenters for Christ: Meet Jonathan Rivas

Carpenters for Christ, established in 1975 by members of Golden Springs Baptist Church in Anniston, AL, epitomizes a steadfast commitment to practical service, utilizing carpentry expertise to uplift communities globally. With nearly 50 years of dedicated service, Carpenters for Christ remains focused on projects along the east coast and worldwide, driven by faith, devotion, and a deep sense of compassion for those in need. As they work tirelessly, they echo the timeless truth that “For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God,” embracing both the physical and spiritual dimensions of their mission.