Lorenzo & Dora Alicia Aquino: Finding Strength in Faith and a New Home

In El Salvador, the Aquino family faced challenging living conditions without electricity or potable water. With 3 children, Lorenzo sought to provide for his family by selling cabbage sandwiches on the street for $0.25. Even still, they held an unwavering faith in Jesus and commitment to education that provided them with hope. Fortunately, through the partnership between BUYONE BUILDONE and Loving With Mercy, the Aquino family was gifted a new home. This generous gesture not only provides them with a safe and stable living environment but also symbolizes resilience, faith, and the importance of support in creating a brighter future for families in similar circumstances.

Loving w mercy

Loving With Mercy Ministry

We are a non-profit Christian organization, that was born in the Heart of The Lord in year 2000. We work around El Salvador preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, helping the poor as many ways as we can. Working through the local churches, thousands of people hear the Word of God. Many open their hearts to The Lord and receive healing.

We believe that the love of God transforms lives. We combine evangelistic work with material relief; in order to propagate the message of Christ and show the world His love in both action and word.