We take “extreme ownership” of every detail during the custom-home building process. We’re expert craftsmen.  We’re also practical, weighing what can be done and what makes sense to do. Even Brush Arbor subcontractors feel ownership. They’re proud of their role in maintaining quality, workflow and success. This is why we’re able to stand by our work years after you’ve moved into your custom home.

Here’s what you can expect every step of the way…


Honesty & Integrity

Our Product

  • We do not cut corners on quality. We are not simply ‘bottom line’ driven. We are performance and product driven, and aim to deliver the highest quality product for the best value possible.


Our Relationships

  • We respect every person. No one person is better than another person, whether they are a paying customer paying $2M for a home or a subcontractor delivering the Don’s John’s. We respect you and care about you.
  • This applies to how we treat everyone, both within the Brush Arbor organization, and with our customers and subcontractors as well.

Servant Leadership

Our Readiness to Help

  • Our job is to serve the person who works with us. If we’re all trying to do that, we get a better product and a better work environment.
  • No “power trips.” We are about helping each other out. No task is beneath anyone.
  • We are not about responding because of a title. We respect everyone’s ideas and everyone’s goal to get something accomplished.
  • We are a team, we support each other.

High Standards

Our Job Sites

  • We go above and beyond, even in something as simple as how we maintain our job site. We keep it clean and do not leave a mess.
  • Quality construction. What we consider standard are often upgrades with other builders.


Our Priorities

  • We are not going to nickel and dime anyone – not our customers, not our employees, and not our subcontractors. The relationship is most important.
  • We want our customers to want to refer us to others.
  • We want our employees to want to work here.
  • We want our subcontractors to want to work with us.