Award-Winning Custom Homes

We love what we do and we love doing it for you

“You’ll find we respect you, our employees and subcontractors as family. This relationship is genuine, and it lets us deliver beautifully crafted custom homes and an experience that’s enjoyable—for everyone.”

—Jonathan Smith, Owner

House Plan


We use our Brush Arbor Planning Guide to map out your requirements (your family’s needs, lot size, number of floors, amenities, adjacencies, architecture style, etc.)  With this information in mind, we will present several base home plans. After choosing your base house plan, we work together with one of our architects and team of interior designers to create plans for a custom home that matches your exact needs and desires.


Already have a house plan? Perfect. Many of the homes we build are designed by our client’s architect. Together, we will work with our Design Consultants to ensure we have a solid specifications list, to accurately price your custom home.





We’ll work with the architect you already have, or develop your blueprints with one of our architects. Or choose one of our existing home plans and we’ll completely customize it for you. We’ll provide the budget and you make your selections. 





We’ll help you establish a budget that is within your means, while at the same time satisfying the goals and dreams you have in mind. Our goal is to ensure that you have no cost surprises during the process. Therefore, we will not lure you into working with Brush Arbor with a low base price, only to sticker shock you at the end by charging for items you assumed to be standard. 





We help you navigate construction loans, including how and when construction fees are paid. We have lenders we’ve worked with many times who have solid processes in place to protect you from worries so you can enjoy watching your home take shape.


To begin work on your home, Brush Arbor requires a deposit and a design fee. The design fee depends on the use of existing Brush Arbor plans and complexity of modifications needed. This fee covers the time and expenses to successfully prepare your home for the actual building phase. The deposit covers the initial cost of the Survey(s), Civil Engineering, Architectural Engineer, and Design Consultant.


We have several lenders that we can recommend or you can secure your own financing.





Our craftsmanship is above industry standards and code … but not above your budget.





This is our main tool for keeping control of costs and the schedule. This allows us to maintain two-way communication so you can monitor progress and let us know any questions or concerns as soon as they arise. This creates a smoother project and a better experience for you.



Project Management


When working with Brush Arbor, your custom home will already include what are considered premium upgrades to other builders. With Co-construct, you will be able to choose from high-quality products that are within your established budget. If you choose to go with a product that is not listed on the site or within the parameters, we will credit you and you only pay the cost difference, which in some cases may be a credit to you. We guarantee that you will not be able to find the products we are offering, for less.


No matter what stage of the home design process you are in, we are happy to answer any questions and offer our advice on the best course of action as you plan your dream home and watch it being built.