Brush Arbor Homes partnered with Uganda Counseling and Support Services (UCSS) in the region of Bulike to build a home for Maria. UCSS uses a holistic approach to meet the physical, medical, spiritual and academic needs of this depressed region.

Meet Maria Bwaali1
Maria and her grandbabies!

Maria is in her 60s and is barely 4” tall. Her children have all died and she has been left to care for her grandchildren. For years, the family has lived in desperate conditions; a small, round mud hut with a leaky thatch roof. They often slept on a soggy earthen floor that caused health problems.

Meet Maria Bwaali2
Damp mud hut on left, new home on right.

With no resources to fix the roof, they never dreamed of a new home. It is difficult to understand how they lived like this for years. UCSS became aware of the family’s plight and contacted Brush Arbor. Maria and her grandchildren now live in a brand new home. It’s one room, with a concrete floor, metal roof, windows(!), and a locking door.

Meet Maria Bwaali3

They now have a sturdy, safe place to live. The impact of this house went far beyond Maria. Word got around the community of what UCSS had done and the staff used the opportunity to minister to everyone with food, training and the love of God.

Meet Maria Bwaali4
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